Monday, April 30, 2012


i found this amazing idea thanks to the lovely Anna. the concept created by Hilary is about uncovering things in your wardrobe rather than buying new for a month and learning to appreciate what you already own and even discovering those key pieces that maybe missing from your life.

so here it is girls for a whole month i am planning on only window shopping as lets face it i'm never going to be able to avoid the shops entirely, this is me here lol, but instead to rework my wardrobe to fit in with the wear, try and be challenges. i'll blog once a week with how i've done for the last 7 seven and take a few snapshots to show you how my trying on sessions in the mornings turned out.

cannot wait for tomorrow now, the first day is makes me want to twirl i'm thinking something floaty, i love a good challenge and the fact that this one centres around my wardrobe could not make me happier. i've already had a few thoughts on some of the challenges; top it off with a hat, fresh lipstick colour and colour below the ankles. but some we will have to wait and see what happens on the morning of :D

are any of you planning on taking part or have you already signed up? x x x

my 3 little miracles

in the past few weeks i have been using these products constantly and after seeing the results i thought it was about time i share them with you. 

so product number 1, almay smart shade perfect & correct primer. i've used primers before but have always found that even after i have applied my foundation i look a little ghostly and lets face it with my already pale english skin thats not exactly helpful. so the clear base was what attracted me to this product in the first place. the green and purple swirls correct the redness or yellowish tint to areas of your skin and leaves it really soft. i noticed a huge difference when i applied my foundation on top, my skin looked really even and there was no greasiness either (another huge bonus).

miracle product number 2, carmex healing lotion. i have loved and been using carmex lipbalms for years, especially the cherry one yummy :D so when i saw that they had bought out a lotion i had to try it. i hate lotions that leave my skin feeling greasy or oily so i was a little apprehensive before trying this but i was pleasantly surprised when it did exactly what it said on the tin - delivers healing and moisturization without a greasy feel :D 

finally product number 3 cox polish finishing serum. my host mum gave me this product after she won it in a raffle and honestly i don't know what i did with my hair before i used this product. recently i've been trying not to use so much heat on my hair so my lovely ghd's have been banished to my drawer for weeks but the same cannot be said for my hair dryer. so without my straighteners smoothing my hair its been hello frizz recently. enter cox polish finishing serum. i only use a couple of drops on the bottom half of my hair and then pat down the top half to flatten  any fly aways but i honestly cannot see a difference between using heat on my hair and using this product, so i get the same results without the damage, love love love :D have you tried any of these products before, what did you think? x x x

Sunday, April 29, 2012

review: essie fortifying mask

as you girlies have already seen i have a bit of an obsession with anything to do with my nails. after having short bitten nails for so long when i was younger i now indulge in all things nail related. so when i saw these essie fortifying nail masks while out shopping in my local tk maxx when i was home i new i had to try them out :D


recently my nails have become quite weak and are starting to peel very easily, these mask claim to strengthen and harden your nails in just 5 minutes with argan oil, vitamin e and hexanal (a nail hardener).  i was surprised at how easy these were to use. simply peel from the sheet and wrap around your nail and due to the silicon kind of feel to the wrap there is no mess and no residue. after having them on for 5 minutes my nails felt really silky. having still got another 2 sets of wraps left from my pack i can't wait to see what condition my nails are in after a few weeks of use, i'll keep you posted :D x x x

Saturday, April 28, 2012

marks and spencers eyeshadow trio

my make up bag is full of my favourite brands; revlon, l'oreal and maybelline. so when i found these little beauties while out shopping with my mum and grandma in marks and spencer while i was home for my weeks holiday i was over the moon.


this gorgeous little trio of eyeshadows only cost me £5 and is made up of colours that i love and will wear all of the time; chocolate, pink shimmer and bamboo. so maybe next time my mum asks me to go into marks and spencer i wont roll my eyes because there might be another hidden treasures waiting there for me :D have you ever found a little gem like these in a unusual place? x x x

Friday, April 27, 2012

family, friends and food

this week i went back home to england for the week to visit all of my family and friends, which is why there has been no posts - my apologies. a huge thank you to everyone i saw who made the week it an amazing holiday. managed to see everyone i wanted to see, went shopping with my sister, had meals out and in, went to the arcades to relive my youth and spent every spare moment with my mum dad and sister :D the week has been so jam packed i feel like i need a week to recover from this one but wouldn't change it for the world lots of love x x x

one of the many yummy scrummy meals i had while at home this week :D

Sunday, April 22, 2012

back in my home land :D

sorry for the recent absence but i am currently having a holiday back in england for the week to visit my family and friends, wasn't going to blog at all this week however seemed very appropriate to wish everyone a happy st george's day from the my patron saints birth place :D x x x

Sunday, April 15, 2012

sunday brunch

our lovely brunch

i don't know about you guys but sundays are my lazy days. long lie ins with a good book and maybe if i feel like the venture an even longer brunch with fab friends and plenty of coffee. on one of those rare occasions where i leave the house before 11 my friend and i went to a local cafe, blue dog kitchen. 

a tiny place with an eclectic feel with its miss matched mugs and random glass jars, that offers a phenomenal menu. everything you could ask for for brunch pancakes, french toast, eggs and more :D    while i sampled the banana chocolate chip french toast (heavenly) alex sampled the veggie breakfast and before the end of our meal we were already arranging our next sunday morning trip to blue dog kitchen :D do you have any favourite local haunts for unbeatable food? x x x

Saturday, April 14, 2012

nia experience

today i finally did something towards my new years resolution, only took me 4 months. a lot of people i know have been raving about zumba classes and i was going to join my local one until it filled up, that will teach me to leave things to the last minute! so instead i thought i would try my hand at nia dance fitness instead and oh my word if there is a class here to you join, join, join. the only way i can think to describe it is that it feels like a combination of yoga, zumba, marshal arts and a little ballet. we did lots of difference routines and my amazing teacher kept saying that it is very important to do things your own way, so if something doesn't feel right with your body change it. i loved this attitude towards the class as i felt that i got alot more out of it. i left the class feeling awake and thoroughly relaxed which i found really weird as i had just been working out for an hour. cannot wait for my class week now :D x x x

Friday, April 13, 2012

put a ring on it

now i am a girl who loves her jewellery, necklaces, bracelets, earrings but most of all rings. i wear the same sliver ones everyday as a sort of casual set and then have a gold set that i can throw on for a more dressed up occasion...

L-R rose ring silverworks, flower ring home comforts, moonstone ring accessorize

L-R bubble ring daisy stack ring, heart ring, twirled ring daisy stack ring, gem ring
but i have quite a lot of other rings that are more for just whenever i feel like it. however these are not gold or silver so i always get the green marks on my fingers after a days wear until i discovered this little trick. if you paint the ring (any part that will come in contact with your skin) in clear nail varnish the ring will keep its colour much longer and will not leave any colour of your fingers :D

a few of my favourites :D
give my little trick a try and let me know what you think :D x x x

Thursday, April 12, 2012

a dream is a wish your heart makes

i am forever turning down the pages of magazines and creating wish lists on my favourite items on my favourite websites so i have decided to share a few of my wishes with you :D

1. marina vintage heart earrings £12.00

2. maybelline eye studio color tattoo 24 hour eyeshadow pomegranate punk $5.84

3. pleated flutter top $19.80
1. i love these little heart earrings, gorgeous colours that would compliment any spring outfit :D 2. i recently bought maybelline eye studio colour tattoo in bad to the bronze which i wear nearly everyday, this would be a nice change for a date night 3. saw this little top in whilst in downtown the other day, i would love this for a night out with the girls with a pair of jeans and some little ballet flats :D 


4. fleur de bloom heels $148.99

5. lola rose rose quartz dit ring asos $105.64

6. sweet shabby baby girl quilt aunty sams at $95.00
4. these gorgeous heels need to find their way into my wardrobe! flower detail, platform and a t-bar need i say more :D 5. i wear my silver rings all the time but i have a gold set for when i'm dressing up a bit. this ring would go so well with my daisy stack rings. the gold and pinky colours are the perfect addition to my recent spring purchases. 6. as you can probably tell me really loving that we are finally moving into spring and that the sun is starting to make more appearances and with that comes cooler nights. so away goes my big comfy duvet and this gorgeous floral quilt could well be the replacement.

one day...

7. broderie bustier dress £350.00

8. natasha couture crystal caged floral clutch $298.00

9. stella mccartney sam partying silk playsuit $205.91
7. quite possibly the perfect dress to wear all the way through spring and summer. i love lace numbers and with this little beauty i would simply throw on a coral coloured cardi for spring and where it with nothing but a tan in the summer (whether it be a real one for those lucky girls or form out of a bottle for those of you like me) 8. when i saw this clutch i could not resist putting it on my wish list. unfortunately this one is a dream due its price tag and my lack of a venue to where a gorgeous like this however a girl can dream :D 9. finally a stella mccartney playsuit need i say more, gorgeous colour with little lace details.

what do you think of my wishes and more importantly what are yours? x x x

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

style attitude

so after nearly 8 months living in the US i have noticed a change in my attitude towards my day to day sense of style. i'm sorry to say that long gone are the days when i would spend all morning in front of the mirror trying on different outfits before finally settling on one. now its a case of which top and jeans/sweatpants combo wont i mind having things split or wiped on (i look after 3 boys age 3, 5 and 8) but after realising just how many lovely things i have in my wardrobe (i still manage to spend all of my wages on clothes) i am taking a stand and vowing to wear which ever outfit i feel like regardless of the day of the week or what the boys could possibly want to play with and add to my outfit with :D

my happy place :D

have you ever been stuck in a style rut? how did you break out of it? x x x

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

nails inc collection

my little addiction
oh the little pleasures in life, this being one of mine. okay so maybe i should be more honest and say my little addiction lol i love nail varnishes and to make it even worse i like it when things match so when i found a brand i liked i started collecting making my own little rainbow.

nails inc. is the brand i favour mainly because of the range of colours available and being named after the many streets in london it feels like i have a little piece of home here with me in the states :D but the best thing is a little goes a longer way, with only 2 thin coats you have opaque colour in amazing shades, and as the bottles are so big theres no need to constantly by replacements. my favourite shade is jermyn street, a soft mushroom colour that i wear nearly everyday with any outfit although today because of the lovely sunshine i have opted for brighter teal colour, warwick way.

what do you think? do you have a favourite colour? x x x

Monday, April 9, 2012

book review: shatter me

shatter me by tahereh mafi is my latest read. with my personal library at home in england i have taken to combing the local charity shop for books to make myself a mini american library. honestly this one has been sitting on my shelf for a while whilst i got through everything else on my reading list but in this case i unknowingly saved the best till last. its described as x-men meets the hunger games and does not disappoint.

juliette has the power to kill with her touch (very similar to rogue from x-men) and those in power of a barren wasteland of a world (like the hunger games panem) want to use her as a weapon. struggling with her own sanity, her feelings towards others and her fight to find her place in the world the book acts as a diary for juliette.

i loved this book, its fast paced with lots of action, has good guys you fall in love with and bad guys you want to punch (wait till you're introduced to warner) although the book ended a little quickly for my liking it left an amazing opportunity for an equally brilliant sequel - destroy me by tahereh mafi out oct 2012 - cannot wait :D

do you have a favourite book that you couldn't put down and simply had to finish in just one sitting? let me know, leave a comment below x x x

spring in your step

spring blossom in ballard
i am loving spring at the moment. as soon as the flowers start to bloom and the sun comes out for more than just a second to say hello its goodbye tights, hot drinks and scarves and hello floaty dresses, ice lollies and picnics :D hopefully this gorgeous weather will last a little while longer and we can plan days out to the zoo, beach and park or like i did today just lounge in a hammock on the deck enjoying the sunshine but who knows, this is seattle it might rain tomorrow. whats your favourite thing about spring? x x x